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men martial arts special offer

Dear Friend,

Let’s face it: it’s not easy being a man. Men have a lot of responsibility in not only taking care of themselves, but taking care of their families.

If you’re like me, you already know that the current research says exercise not only helps us look and feel our best, it helps us stay a lot healthier.

We all know that we SHOULD exercise, but with all our responsibilities at work and at home, it’s just too hard to get motivated to do something that is just plain BORING! Running or even walking mile after mile, or lifting the same weight 10 – 20 – 30 times gets old fast.

Our Innovative Karate program for men is totally different. Every movement has a purpose – a purpose that might one day save your life or the life of someone you love! Some of our students have actually been able to defend themselves from dangerous attacks, while most are grateful just knowing how to avoid trouble.

Hi, my name is Master Frank.

I’m very proud to say that HUNDREDS of men in the Orlando area have a BLAST in every class while learning awesome skills at Karate for Men and burning off the pounds.

AMS Test School students from 18 to 80 also tell us they use the benefits of improved concentration, self-discipline, and confidence every day at home, at work, and in social situations.

I’d like to show YOU how you can experience all of this, and more…. with NO RISK  !!

Complete the form on this page to take advantage of our WEBSITE ONLY “No Strings Attached” Special Trial Offer, and you’ll immediately feel stronger, more energetic, and less stressed.

Innovative Karate is the best health and fitness program for men. It provides a masculine way to stay in shape, release stress, and develop leadership.

Men Get into Amazing Shape

develop lean powerful musclesDo you long for the “good old days” when you were stronger and more athletic?

Just like a snowball rolling downhill, the average man gains a little extra weight each year until he hardly recognizes himself.

That doesn’t have to be you!

Our Innovative Karate Program for Men combines strength and endurance training to develop lean, powerful muscles and a slim waistline. It is a fitness program that you will actually stick with because you enjoy it. Men’s Martial Arts practice is fun! Men have lost 20, 40, even 100 pounds and more practicing the martial arts.

In addition, you will develop awesome skills. A man needs to feel like he can handle himself when things get tough. You shouldn’t be afraid of anyone!

astericksOut of shape? No worries!
Innovative Karate is a great way to get in shape!

astericksFeeling uncoordinated? No Problem.
We teach everything step-by-step, so you don’t have to be a star athlete to get started.

astericksToo busy? Don’t worry.
You can make significant progress attending two or three classes a week.

astericksAfraid to get hurt? We practice everything in a safe,
cooperative, controlled environment.

Men Release Stress

Men are naturally aggressive – it is a normal result of testosterone. If you feel yourself wanting to punch someone at work, shouting at other drivers in traffic, or saying things you later regret to your loved ones, it’s probably a result of male hormones building up to a frustration level. If you don’t find a way to release those impulses, you’re headed for some real trouble.

Innovative Karate for Men provides a safe outlet that allows you to express your aggression while developing your self-control. After a stressful day at work, it just feels good to punch some pads or kick a bag. You’ll sweat out all kinds of physical and mental toxins, including those nasty aggressive hormones. No other exercise program offers that kind of stress release.

Innovative Karate also releases stress through Power Breathing and meditation. You will learn to relax, so you can go home stress-free to enjoy the time with your family and be ready for a restful night’s sleep.

Our Innovative Karate Program is the perfect activity for elite athletes to strive for excellence, for middle-aged men to regain their health and fitness, and for old men to feel young again.

Just imagine the black belt version of you: leaner, stronger, more confident, and respected!

Well, I have great news for you, you don’t have to Imagine: You can feel it all for yourself at NO RISK and NO OBLIGATION!

Call us NOW at: (555) 555-5555

Complete the form on this page to take advantage of our
“No Strings Attached” Special Trial Offer that is only available on this website!

men martial arts special offer

AMS Test School is the best place in Orlando for men like you to find the fitness program that could save your life: If you never need to defend yourself from a violent attack, you just might defend yourself FROM YOURSELF and your dangerous impulses.

Please take me up on this Special Offer and let’s discover the black belt within you!


Master Frank
AMS Test School
1234 Main St.
Orlando, Florida 32801

(555) 555-5555

P.S. Bring your spouse or “significant other” with you, and receive a special family discount!

Look at what students are saying
martial arts testimonialLost 12 pounds
“I love Martial Arts training! With the training I’ve gotten, I have lost 12 pounds and gained great confidence!”
Mike Earl
martial arts testimonialLife-Changing
“The most positive thing you can do to effect a change in your life is to practice Martial Arts.”
Alex Melendez
martial arts testimonialLost over 65 pounds
“Since I’ve started Martial Arts, I’ve lost over 65 pounds! On top of that, I’ve gained confidence.”
Jordan Robinson
martial arts testimonialMore positive
“Since I started the Martial Arts I feel more optimistic, more positive; I have that ‘Yes I Can’ attitude, and have set new goals in my life.”
Juan Villimizar


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